We believe that

“Corporate culture happens, whether planned or not.”

BrightSiders are client’s best companion in designing, nurturing and

creating a culture that :

Drives mission

Connects people


Every organization is unique.

As we all have distinct personnels and missions. We are always excited to take on the task of understanding these distinctive components, and are always ready to lend our hands to be a part of leading your organization to tangible results.

Our Mission:

To inspire Thai organisations to understand the potential of well-crafted corporate culture and empower them to cultivate desired cultures with purpose.

Bring our Best Selves Forward

Explore the ecosystem,

Optimise the impact

Value Dependable independence

Learn continously to adapt constantly

Celebrate effort and human connection

Our team is a collection of experienced strategists and passionate juniors with limitless energy and creativity. We are passionately driven to create corporate culture, and have accumulated tools, knowledge, and expertises in order to be your committed companion on your journey to create and sustain a culture for your valued organization.

Surat Photiprasat
Sirikorn Photiprasat
Co-Founder, Lead Consultant
Sariya Prawong
Senior Consultant
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